Carrie Underwood - "Something In The Water"

Listen to the epic new single from the CMA and Grammy-winning superstar.

You gotta hand it to Carrie Underwood. With "Something In The Water," the superstar vocalist starts her 10th year in country music with a bang. The verses of "Something In The Water" are conversational and recall Faith Hill's "The Secret Of Life." The production from Mark Bright is appropriately atmospheric as it goes along with the powerful (and building) nature of the chorus and later verses as Underwood describes a woman coming to find peace and love from a newfound faith in God.

"Something In The Water" is the kind of powerful performance Carrie Underwood's fans have been waiting for and while it will rub some people the wrong way, in general "Something In The Water" is the kind of song that makes for a great kick-off single to an album, or in Carrie's case, her first greatest hits project, Greatest Hits: Decade #1.  We don't think it's quite the transformative song some folks out on the internet are proclaiming "Something To The Water" to be but the song definitely fits with Carrie Underwood's personal story of faith, family and love and it's a message she undoubtedly wanted to get across; something that will lead some folks to find faith in their own lives.

Also, this one will likely also cross over to the Christian radio station formats and be a huge award-nominated hit there as well as its likely future place as a #1 or #2 Country radio hit (she's never had an official solo single do worse than #2).



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  • Trish

    Good review but I disagree with the transformative part. I have listened to the song on repeat about twenty times and still get chills every listen so for me its very transformative!