Florida Georgia Line - "Sun Daze"

Take a listen to the second single from "Anything Goes" here.

The follow-up single to "Dirt" from Florida Georgia Line, "Sun Daze" will continue the duo's winning stream. While the the lyrics in "Sun Daze" may have people thinking the duo's back in the land of the 'bros' (because the song is about being laid back and having a beach party and weaves in references to rap, getting laid and Jack and Coke), but really the song isn't that. There's a calypso feel to the melody and more than enough twang in Tyler Hubbard's voice and the acoustic-based instruments (Dobro for starters) to keep the song out of the land of the 'bro.' But if it is a 'bro' song it's definitely more 'traditional' -- Like "Dirt" is -- than anything on the duo's breakout album.