Eric Paslay - "She Don't Love You"

Listen to one of the best tracks from the fantastic debut album "Eric Paslay."

The likely follow-up single to Eric Paslay's break out hits "Friday Night" and "Song About A Girl," "She Don't Love You" was one of his self-titled debut album's best songs (which is saying something given the quality of material on that EMI Nashville release). This powerful ballad showcases a softer side to Paslay, the softer side that also has a huge storytelling bone at the center of most everything Eric Paslay writes.

"She Don't Love You" is the kind of story song fans have been longing for in this modern musical world. It's a song that immediately draws you in, it allows you to listen to a wise man telling the story from his heart and there's even a little twist ending at the end of the beautifully written, performed and produced track.