Lee Brice - "Drinkin' Class"

The workin' man's anthem for 2014/2015 has arrived. Listen to "Drinkin' Class" here!

His first single from I Don't Dance, the title track "I Don't Dance" is a #1 Gold-certified single (likely to hit Platinum soon) so how does an artist who has quickly become one of Country's best-performing radio stars follow-up the likeable romantic ballad? By releasing a blue collar working man's anthem like "Drinkin' Class."

The song's lyrics are relatable and well-written, the production backs up the song and the lyrics are family-friendly, even if there are lyrics about letting loose and having a good time. This is what a modern Country song can feel like lyrically and sonically and still feel like a Country song. There's an epic sing-a-long feel to the song and Lee Brice clearly will connect with audiences on this one (and already does in his live shows).

There's nothing to dislike about the song (he even rhymes "Backs" with "Glass" instead of the easier "ass") and clearly it'll be a huge, huge hit for Lee Brice (it's already Top 10 on iTunes as of Tuesday August 12 -- so is "I Don't Dance).