World Premiere: Jax Hollow - "Wallflower Girl in Bloom"

We're always excited to share fresh new songs with you and that's exactly what this new track is. Take a listen to "Wallflower Girl In Bloom"

Blending the harder rock edges of her early career with the more distinctive southern rock and country twang to make an Americana sound, rising singer-songwriter and virtuosic guitarist Jax Hollow is set to release her sophomore album Only The Wild Ones on May 5th.

Working at Sienna Studios on Nashville’s famed Music Row with some of the cities finest musicians, Only The Wid Ones features drummer Matt King (Maren Morris, Brothers Osborne), bassist Lex Price (Miranda Lambert, k.d. lang), and Tim Galloway (Cody Johnson, Joshua Hedley) on rhythm guitar and banjo.

“What an incredible experience, in one of the best studios in the world. Juanita Copeland pulled me aside, telling me stories of Robert Plant and Alison Krauss’ session in there, and then next thing I know she’s introducing me to Jason Isbell in the break room. I was over the moon.”

“Wallflower Girl In Bloom” is a track from Only The Wild Ones and we’re excited to have the opportunity to share both the song and Jax Hollow to you. It’s a great song from a talented musician, singer and songwriter and it is a song we think y’all will really enjoy.

About "Wallflower Girl in Bloom" from Jax Hollow:

"'Wallflower Girl in Bloom" started on a train track about a mile down from Hellen Keller’s birthplace. My little brother and I hopped in my car and went down for the first time to Muscle Shoals, barely making it for the last studio tour of Fame for the day. After driving around some more, we come to these train tracks next to an active little league baseball field.

We’ve got time to kill, and the tour was super inspiring, so I pull out my acoustic guitar and start playing a little riff combined with percussive hits on the guitar, while my little brother is on the phone with his girlfriend. He comes over and says, “that was cool”, and that’s all I remember about how the song started. It was called “Southern Sun” initially and has gone through about five different cycles of lyrics and melodies, but the energy and vibe will always be the same.

It’s a song I had to wrestle with quite a bit: so many rewrites and crumbled pieces of paper thrown against the wall. It just felt special to me. The song seed was like a burst of light, and I couldn’t figure it out for the life of me. Eventually, I started seeing someone who was just this shy little thing, and I was watching them grow, come out of their shell before my eyes, and it was so inspiring. Then I connected the dots, and re-ignited that spirit behind the train tracks song.

Then, it came pretty quickly. The song means a lot to me because it’s really the reason Jae Sims took an interest in this record and brought me into Sienna Studios."