Listen: Justin Moore & Priscilla Block - "You, Me, and Whiskey"

Justin Moore's back with another banger. This one's a duet with rising star Priscilla Block on a song which has a unique angle to a drinking song. Check it out here.

There was a time in country music's history where there were only a few male/female duets released to radio each year, unless they were singing as part of a group or duo. This is especially true for collaborations from "competing" record label companies. But, country music, like Pop music before it, has adjusted to the times and embraced collaborations (even by artists on those "competitor labels") and it has lead to a season where country music has become increasingly creative, comprehensive and representative.

Justin Moore is back in this realm with a powerful new duet with rising star Priscilla Block. This song, "You, Me, and Whiskey" has the look and sound of a song about a breakup but it actually flips that idea and makes this song about a longtime couple reconnecting to what made them fall in love to begin with.