Mitchell Tenpenny - "We Got History"

Take a listen to Mitchell Tenpenny's second single from "This Is The Heavy." It's the follow-up to "Truth About You."

Now on a roll with hits at country radio, it's easy to forget that after scoring a big debut hit with "Drunk Me," Mitchell Tenpenny struggled to follow it up at radio with anything until he simultaneously was featured on good friend Chris Young's "At The End Of The Bar" as his streaming hit "Truth About You" made its way up the charts. Both "Bar" and "Truth" became #1 hits and Mitchell has just released his album This Is The Heavy, a 20 track opus that showcases the reason why Tenpenny has remained a successful streaming artist even during his struggles to connect with terrestrial radio programmers and listeners (not always the same as the streaming brigade of listeners).

Well, all that seems poised to change going forward as "We Got History" is now the official new radio single from This Is The Heavy and it feels like Mitchell will score a third hit in a row at radio with the song, which is already a favorite on the streaming apps.