Alex Miller - "When God Made The South"

Young Alex Miller is back with the first new music from his forthcoming sophomore album for Billy Jam Records.

Alex Miller is a unique talent in the modern country music world in that he was born to sing country music. And, thankfully, that’s what he does with “When God Made The South” but he’s also expanding upon the foundation laid with his debut album Miller Time. It's a sound which has moved from the traditional roots to a solidly traditionalist 90s sound and it's a perfect fit for the young firebrand artist.

“When God Made The South” shows Alex growing as an artist with a song that blends the traditional country sounds of the first record with southern rock for a song which is straight-up country rock. It’s a sound that suits him and while I might prefer if he got a little edgier in the vocal on such a song, it really still stands out as not only a potential hit for radio airplay but also as an evolution in the sound of Alex Miller as he grows into the dynamic country artist he was born to be.

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  • Sandra Combs

    It’s amazing to me that Alex Miller can not only expertly vocalize any and every type of music, but REMEMBER all the words to this one! His repertoire of memorized songs is stunning!