Exclusive Track Premiere: Julia Sanders - "Western Wind"

Julia Sanders is an exceptional artist and we're proud to be premiering this wonderful new track from her forthcoming album

One of the missions of Roughstock has been to share new (at least to us) music to you and today we're doing this again with the premiere of this wonderful new track from Julia Sanders. Set to be released on December 2, 2022, Julia’s album Morning Star was produced by John James Tourville of the band The Deslondes. “Western Wind” will hit all digital streaming services on Friday, September 23, 2022.

Julia Sanders on new single "Western Wind":

"I have a way of writing songs where I can sound very hopeful and positive about things that feel foreboding to me. In 'Western Wind,' there's that first line, ‘You asked me for the sun and the moon.’ My daughter was learning how to talk at the time, and she was outside with my husband looking at the moon and she kept saying, ‘Have it, have it.’ I thought, ‘That’s a song right there.’

"The whole thing sent me in a spiral about advice I’d want to give them—and myself—about entering the world as it stands, which is stressful on so many levels, with the environment and global warming. There are so many things we're throwing at them, that they have to deal with. I think there's this anxiety in parenthood about the fact that you're just putting these people into the world. It’s like, “I’m sorry. I did this. I'm giving you all this stuff you have to manage, interpersonally, globally.'

"The song's chorus hangs on the idea that we have the wisdom of our ancestors, of the past. And also that we need to be able to change; to let things change us; to be open to inspiration. Something I often hang on to—I have to believe that kids are souls showing up here on purpose to do what they need to do. They're not victims of the future; they're here to change it."


  • Karen Sanders

    Could you please post Julia Sanders Lastest single Western Wind on my two instagram accounts? Kafsanders92, And ksdcustomrugs! I am Julia’s mother and would like to post her record release info on my two sites for my followers to view! Thank you Karen Sanders