Exclusive Premiere: Lara Taubman - "Other Side Of The River"

We're excited to premiere this emotive track from the roots musician's forthcoming sophomore project "Ol Kentucky Light."

There are many branches in the modern roots music tree and Laura Taubman finds herself firmly entrenched on one of those branches where her brand of “folk” or “singer/songwriter” or “Americana” discusses sobering subjects like mortality, mental health, spirituality, survival and finding hope in the toughest of places. It’s the branch of music from which greats like Joni Mitchell, Patsy Cline, Mahalia Jackson, Bettye LaVette and Tori Amos have sprang forth from and the branch is one of the strongest, most-honest sections of the roots music tree.

On “Other Side of the River,” Taubman sings about the beauty of being able to live to tell her harrowing tale of the dour impositions that she has faced. “The risk an artist takes is inherent within the act of surrender,” Taubman says. “Some artists prefer to hide out of fear that they’ll reveal too much about themselves. Music is a salve that allows me to excise my insecurity and discomfort. It heals me, and I hope that I can pass that resolve and reassurance on to my listeners, and that they'll benefit from knowing they’re not alone.” We’re excited she’s taking these risks and are delighted to garner with Laura Taubman on the exclusive premiere of “Other Side of the River.”

About “Other Side of the River”:

“Other Side of the River” is about my coming to terms with death as a natural life cycle of which I don’t have to be afraid. The moment I gave up on suicide as a way to end the chronic emotional pain I felt, I began to see death like birth. It is a transition instead of an ending, serving a higher purpose in myself. The ‘other side of the river’ is where I will find peace when that fateful day comes. - Lara Taubman