Exclusive Premiere: Brandon Hartt - “Paw Paw”

Country music excels at telling stories about real life and emotions and this fantastic music video does just that in song and video form.

Once again, we've been invited to share a great song with y'all and we're very excited to have partnered with Brandon Hartt to showcase his brand new music video "Paw Paw" from his just-released EP Gas (Rahhh Records). Brandon's a rising singer/songwriter from Stanley County, North Carolina where he was one of eight children. After studying at Berkley, he pursued his passion for music and that brings us to here, with this passionate song about his adoptive father.

“Paw Paw” paints the picture of just how influential Hartt’s adoptive father was by sharing the things he taught him as a child through his lyrics. Brandon’s desire to give back has led him to establish The Brandon Heart Survival Fund, which will help children around the nation navigate the struggles associated with the adoption system.

We hope you enjoy this song as much we enjoyed sharing it with you.