Watch: Parmalee - "Take My Name"

Take a look at the brand new music video for the band's latest chart-topping hit, the hit of 2022's Wedding season!

Parmalee has a great history with four Top 10 hits (including the chart-toppers "Carolina" and "Just The Way") and they're primed to head back up to the top of the charts with this one, "Take My Name." This song, which has steadily moved up the charts showcases why the four-piece band was able to rebound from a few stalled singles at radio with a fresh, romantic follow-up to the 2019/2020 smash "Just The Way" (a song which actually proved to be their biggest break-out to date).

Prior to the success of "Just The Way," Parmalee continued to tour and release songs to varied viral success but seemingly had lost radio's interest for a couple of years. But, like many bands and artists have done before, they worked on their craft, got some of the best songs of their career and -- along with producer David Fanning -- crafted an album (2021's For You) ripe with hits like "Take My Name" which has proven to be one of the best things they could've done as they're now primed for their second #1 hit in a row and a future brighter than ever.

We hope you enjoy their music video featured above for "Take My Name."