Exclusive Premiere: Will Carter - "Wrong Side of Town"

We're always excited to share great songs with y'all and longtime concert favorite "Wrong Side of Town" hits all the right notes. We hope you enjoy this exclusive preview as much as we do!

Will Carter is a Texas-based artist whose music has appeared on these pages before so when the opportunity came to partner with Will to premiere "Wrong Side of Town," we jumped at the chance to share this great new tune with you. Set to come out to all DSPs on May 5, 2022, "Wrong Side of Town" has a distinctly country sound which has hints of late 90s and early 2000s song structure to it. While that could sink some songs, it's a strength of "Wrong Side of Town," a song which Will describes below:

“The song is a crowd favorite that we’ve been playing live for 7 years. Our fans, label, and radio have been asking for the song, since we get such a great response live. So we decided to record it the old school way and bring the band into the studio. We teamed up with Edgewater Studio in Sugar Land, Texas using our band. The song is about a boy who has fallen in love with a girl whose parents don’t approve of him and his efforts to make it right.”