Exclusive Song Premiere: Shawn Williams - "Ringer"

Check out the new single from the rising Americana artist; Exclusively on Roughstock.

With a sensibility that is uniquely her own, Shawn Williams is about to release her fourth album Wallowin’ in the Night on May 20, 2022. Williams, who hails from and is based in New Orleans, calls her eclectic blend of sounds as “Alt-rocka countrybilly, serial killer blues.” It's a sound which blends amplified guitars with raw, honest lyrics and space arrangements. We’ve partnered with Shawn to debut “Ringer” exclusively on Roughstock before it heads to the usual places tomorrow as a preview track to Wallowin’ in the Night. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did! Below is what Shawn Williams has to say about her new song:

One of my good friends texted me at about 3 a.m. (which was a usual occurrence for him and his insomnia), and I responded to him, "Stop! I sleep with my ringer on. You woke me up," and he asked me why I slept  with it on, and told me that I'm not an emergency responder. So, I wrote the song, because I do that...wait for someone in particular to have me on their mind...but it's that feeling of disappointment that you get when it's someone else other than the person that you want to be calling or messaging you.