Exclusive World Premiere: Joey Harkum - "Sick And Tired"

We're very excited to be sharing this wonderfully-crafted new song from his forthcoming album "Salt And Tar."

Joey Harkum is a talented singer/songwriter who makes lyrical gems of songs with a powerful vocal to match. Performing with his trusty acoustic guitar, Joey spins a story we've all lived in our lives before. It's simply about a blue collar worker trying to find the simple pleasures in life, even as they're barely getting by. It's real and it's honest and it's part of his forthcoming album "Salt And Tar," set for release later in the spring.

Joey Harkum is a Chesapeake-bay native and life-long musician who fronted the band Pasadena before striking out solo in 2016 with the album Love and Labor and an acoustic, folk singer/songwriter approach. For more info you can connect to Joey Harkum's website to hear more of his music and to see where he's playing next.