Exclusive World Premiere: The Waymores - "Caught"

We love to share great songs by talented artists with you and "Caught" by The Waymores checks the boxes. Take a listen here!

The Waymores have earned their “Honky Tonk Americana” sound with their blend of male and female harmonies from the husband and wife team of Willie Heath Neal and Kira Annalise which recall classic male and female duets of the past while feeling distinctively in the now.

The Waymores’ signature sound blends folk, blues, Honky Tonk and Americana and is prominently featured on this new track, “Caught,” from their sophomore album Stone Sessions, which they worked on with pedal steel player Steve Stone. Completely created during the pandemic. “Caught” was written by Dale Watson who also appears on the track with Asleep at The Wheel’s ace fiddler Katie Shore playing the signature fiddle notes on the track.

We hope you dig this single from The Waymores and encourage you to check out their website to find out more info on the Stone Sessions album and their first album Weeds and their "should be a movie" origin story.