Music Video Premiere: William Russell Wallace - "Fire Season"

Once again, we find an interesting artist in the country realm to share with y'all. Take a look at the music video to William Russell Wallace's new single, exclusively on Roughstock!

With one foot in tradition and one foot into the future, William Russell Wallace is set to release Confidence Man in January of 2022. The narrative of his songs on the album are uniquely his own and it follows his acclaimed album 2019’s Dirty Soul.

Fans of Americana bands like The Old 97s and Wilco may find something to like in the music William Russell Wallace makes as he, like those bands, deftly massages his influences into something uniquely his own and “Fire Season” is a perfect example.

William Russell Wallace discusses the “Fire Season" Video in his own Words::

"The 'Fire Season' video features some shots of my favorite Missoula, MT haunts (at its core, 'Fire Season' is a love song to that town that's gonna haunt me forever). And then it's got me dancing around in front of a green screen. I'll jump at any excuse to have different, matching outfits."