Morgan Evans - "Love Is Real"

Take a listen to the brand new single from Morgan's forthcoming sophomore album project.

Blending a sound which recalls a mix of fellow Australian country artist Keith Urban and labelmate Charlie Worsham, Morgan Evans has delivered what is perhaps the best single he's released to mainstream country radio to date with "Love Is Real." An energetic, melodic slice of country pop, the song (penned by Evans, Jordan Reynolds and Parker Welling) sounds good on multiple country playlists and blends well with other songs. Take a listen to the track here courtesy of his just-released lyric video.

What do you think of "Love Is Real?"


  • Jake Douglas

    You can tell the song has elements of Charlie Worsham and Keith Urban. I could have sworn that it was a Charlie Worsham written cut when I first heard it. The guitar work and the verses sound like "Could It Be" from Charlie's 2013 Album, Rubberband. The chorus of Love is Real is all Keith Urban inspired. It sounds so much like "Love Somebody" from his 2002 release, "Golden Road". Not taking anything away from this song. It's excellent. Just as an avid "Liner-Note" geek, I have grown to be intrigued by who played on a cut, wrote the song or the producer as well. It's fun to try an figure out who produced or wrote the song or who is singing background as a guest. Just letting you know why I deconstruct a song. Happy listening ya'll!!