Exclusive Track Premiere: Ross Adams - "30 Days"

On September 10, Americana artist Ross Adams will be releasing his third LP "Escaping Southern Heat." Check out the Exclusive World Premiere here.

For his third album Escaping Southern Heat, Ross Adams is once again bringing the heat with passionate narrative storytelling, this time backed by the members of Jason Isbell’s 400 Unit band (guitarist Sadler Vaden, bassist Jimbo Hart, keyboardist Derry Deborja, and drummer Chad Gamble) and American Aquarium's former member Whit Wright on steel guitar. Hart co-produced the project with Adams and “30 Days,” the new single from the ten track album, showcases exactly why we’re excited for the world at large to hear the exquisitely expressive songs which straddle the Americana and Rock worlds so expertly to be what they are, just damn good songs.

Tracklist for Escaping Southern Heat.

  1. Ease Me Into Dying
  2. Sally's Amphetamines
  3. Tobacco Country
  4. 4th Street Up
  5. Burning Flame
  6. Escaping Southern Heat
  7. Wilted Roses
  8. Teach Me How To Mourn
  9. 30 Days
  10. Summertime In The City