Music Video Premiere: Nate Kenyon (Feat. The Lacs) - “I’m Gonna Drink”

One of our playlist discoveries in 2020 was Nate Kenyon’s “Taxis In A Small Town” and we’re excited to share this new music video with y’all, exclusively on Roughstock.

There’s a growing scene just outside of the mainstream with country music that’s focused on lifestyle that’s “rural” or, better yet, even more “country” than the mainstream stuff and it’s honestly as good (or better) than much in the mainstream. Nate Kenyon is one of the most ‘mainstream’ of this rural country and hip/hop blend with country songs ripped right from his and his friends life. His new single, “I’m Gonna Drink” is the perfect sort of song to exemplify the blend as his friends The Lacs, whom we’ve often featured in the past, join him in on the fun from this track featured on the Dirt Rock Empire compilation album Dirtbagz Vol 2. This album features some of the biggest artists of the country hiphop blend (don’t dare call it hick hop because the guys and girls making the music may be country but they’re not “hicks” as that term itself is troublesome and suggests classism). Instead, I’ve called it “rural rap” in the past and while that phrase is harder to say, on the page it works perfectly.

“I’m Gonna Drink,” is a great gateway into “Rural Rap” and Nate’s own music. He released his debut album Songs About You in 2019 and we placed his “Taxis In A Small Town” song on our Gravel Roads playlist on Apple Music well over a year ago so we’re definitely excited to share the beggining of his next chapter with y’all here, on Roughstock.

The Dirtbags Vol. 2 compilation is the follow-up to the first Dirt Rock Empire release, Dirtbags Vol. 1. That label launcher produced the “Dirt Road Dollars” from The Lacs and Nate Kenyon and the song has generated over 56 million combined streams and spawned a whole new label and movement.