Cory Keefe - "Where There's A Beer There's A Way"

We love a great C-O-U-N-T-R-Y song and Cory Keefe delivers the goods. Take a look at the world premiere of this lyric video right here!

There's been a movement within the contemporary country music scene that underscores where the genre itself is heading. And that movement is back towards, at least somewhat, traditional-leaning country music or 80s/90s country music sounds. Cory Keefe is an exciting artist in this area as "Where There's A Beer There's A Way" proves. It's the exact kind of country song that belongs on the airwaves and we're excited to see where the song takes Cory Keefe.


  • Chris Keefe

    Hey Matt, Thank you so much for the kind words on my son Cory's debut single. We really appreciate Roughstock premiering his Lyric video as well. We are very excited about the release of his full album which will be mid to late March! It is a really great album and Cory's song picks made me proud! We have been getting great feedback on this single and we sincerely appreciate you helping us spread the word. Thank You Chris Keefe KDM Records, Inc.