Track Premiere: Austin Moody - “Throwback”

Check out the new single from the rising singer songwriter and former member of the United States Air Force, exclusively on Roughstock.

What do you get when you put a man who feels out of place in country music together with one of the industry’s most-poetic singer/songwriters (and also known for being sorta out of place) in D. Vincent Williams? Well, you get “Throwback,” the new single from Austin Moody that is showcases a man who is comfortable with who he is, even if he’s not exactly what everyone seems to want these days (though it seems to be changing). Produced by Keith Stegall and Mac McAnally, the song was also mixed by award winning Jacquire King.

From Austin Moody:
I wrote Throwback a few years after I had moved in Nashville. At this time bro Country was the only thing that seemed to be working and I was about the farthest thing from that.

I had a co-write with a buddy of mine D. Vincent Williams, he was like a brother to me back then so he knew me very well. After we sat down with a cup of coffee and a few guitars he asked me “man what’s wrong with you?“. I replied by saying something like “man I just never thought I would be too country for country music“. He said “dude you just need to do your thing and you’ll be fine”. I said “I just feel like I don’t fit inside this picture frame, I feel like an ole throwback”.  At that point he grabbed a pen and paper and said “Keep talking”. Shortly after we had written a song that I feel defines me as a artist as well as a man.

It’s been like my own personal anthem. After playing it live for the past few years Ive found there are a lot of people who relate to this song and feel the same way I did when I wrote it.

From Keith Stegall: “At a moment when Country music seems to be working through an identity crisis, Austin reminds us that its genesis is simply pure and honest.”

From Mac McAnally:
"Austin Moody is a rare combination of a bunch of good things. He has a reverence for traditional country music alongside a natural connection with classic rock and roll ala Tom Petty. Put that together with an all-American work ethic and blue-collar spirit and you get somebody you want to know and some music you want to hear."

We hope you enjoy this song as much as we enjoy sharing it with you!

Austin Moody Throwback cover