Cassadee Pope - "Hoodie"

Check out the lyric video for "Hoodie" a song that belongs on any playlist. Fall in love with your new favorite song here!

By stripping down all of the gloss found on previous albums, Cassadee Pope's  new album Rise and Shine showcases some new layers and textures to her vocals only hinted at previously. This song, "Hoodie," is one such song where there are moments of vibrato in the chorus which recall Stevie Nicks and Shakira but, in the country music space, there's really nobody like her. For my money, this is what every artist is looking for, that unique thing to call their own.

With "Hoodie," Cassadee sings a nostalgic song about moments of a relationship that arise when we find an object belonging to the other person from that relationship (the "Hoodie" sweatshirt in the title). The Hoodie brings some of those moments back but nothing more than that is expected out of it when she calls to tell him she found the sweatshirt. It's a sweet little moment on Rise and Shine and one that could really be a standout on any radio station, if they're so inclined to promote "Hoodie" there or it will live on in playlists like it does on our "Gravel Roads" AppleMusic Playlist.