MaRynn Taylor - "Dads and Daughters"

Check out the debut song from Black River Entertainment's rising star, released just in time for Father's Day!

Just in time for Father’s Day 2020, young newcomer MaRynn Taylor has released a new single which she wrote with Jason Earley. “Dads and Daughters” is a song which explores the generational relationship between fathers and daughters. The song features her father on background vocals too.

'"Dads and Daughters" is so special to me because it’s inspired by the bond I have with my dad," shares MaRynn. "I admire him and look up to him for many reasons; he’s the best influence, personally and professionally. One of the things we share is a love of music. He taught me how to write and play guitar, and he bought me my first album. He’s always been in my corner, cheering me on and encouraging me. But, I love him for the person that he is overall, and I thought the best way to express how I feel is through the gift of music. I hope it’s a message that resonates with other dads and daughters."