Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani - "Nobody But You"

Take a listen to the dynamic new single from Blake Shelton here. This one is a duet with Gwen Stefani and is sure to be a big hit on the radio charts for the superstar couple.

After a couple of years of songs which seemingly found Blake Shelton too relaxed with his status as an instant radio hitmaker, the star realized that he'll be making hit records longer if he doesn't stay relaxed. Thus, his vocals -- while always consistent -- have more nuance and texture to them since "God's Country" started his new trend of 'caring.' This song follows up the Top 10 hit "Hell Right" and is already being buzzed about as one of country music's major hits for 2020. The song is a duet between Blake Shelton and his girlfriend and The Voice co-star, Gwen Stefani. Blake and Gwen is something that shouldn't work on many levels yet, particularly here, it does. And it works spectacularly well.