Listen: Brandon Rhyder - "I Felt Good Today"

We're excited to have new Brandon Rhyder music and even more excited that it's music that sends an important message to those that struggle with daily life. Carry on, y'all, carry on.

With more than a decade in the music business to his credit, Brandon Rhyder certainly is no stranger to the ups and downs an artist experiences but when his health started to deteriorate for no explainable reasons, he lost not only his resilience and his singing ability but his confidence. Rhyder, one of the most uniquely gifted vocalists in all of the country and/or Texas music scene, seemed to have lost it all. But like the deeply personal stories he tells in his lyrical gems (as one of the most “unknown” great songwriters in the same scenes), Rhyder has come back in a big way with this song.

The song, “I Felt Good Today,” is his open-book story of returning to enjoy the daily routine and gaining a good mental outlook along with a healthy outlook (which was solved via a Medical Practitioner who tested and discovered Brandon had multiple food allergies which were causing his internal issues. From there, with new dietary changes, Brandon Rhyder’s voice and body recovered and so has his confidence, which is showcased on “I Felt Good Today,” a song which is also about the will to carry on. And What a beautiful song it is. Welcome back, Brandon.