SMO - "Tear Da Mud Up"

Take a listen to the hot track which headlines the 10th edition of the popular Mud Digger series from Average Joes Entertainment.

known as one of the top artists in the growing culture/sub genre of country rap, SMO recently announced his signing to the Average Joes Entertainment label, the label co-founded by fellow country rap king Colt Ford, and it makes all the sense in the world that the hustling rapper would join the powerful indie as they embark on the 10th release of their popular series Mud Digger. Mud Digger 10 will hit stores on July 12, 2019 and like it has in the past, it is sure to be a huge summertime playlist at parties and bog events. To celebrate both the release and SMO's signing to the label, the compilation's lead single is "Tear Da Mud Up." The song represents the compilation and SMO very well and certainly arrives at a major time for country rap as the current Billboard 100 chart topping single has spent 11 weeks at the top -- and shows signs of becoming the 2019 song of the summer -- is a country rap song.

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  • Jim Aresco (Mod.)

    By the way...... This song is not Country..... Damn, why report on it? Are you guys getting paid to promote it? Has Roughstock gone Hollywood? I know I'm just a volunteer moderator.... but seriously .. this blows. I hope I'm not crossing any boundaries here...

  • Jim Aresco (Mod.)

    New moderator here. Nice to meet you all