Chris Janson - "Good Vibes"

Take a listen to "Good Vibes" while seeing what we have to say about Chris Janson's lead single to his forthcoming third album here!

After the Top 10, CMA-nominated success of his last single from sophomore album Everybody, Chris Janson is keeping the "message song" theme going. Only this time instead of the serious subject of "Drunk Girl" (where a guy does the right thing instead of the wrong thing), Janson is looking for optimism and good times, as the title "Good Vibes" would indicate. It's a strong sentiment and, vocally, Janson recalls Blake Shelton -- his Warner Bros. Records label mate -- and that's a good thing. This is a catchy slice of country music and a message we need to hear in this divisive world we live in circa 2019.  A strong lead single leaves us excited for what Chris Janson's third album will have in store.