Exclusive World Premiere: Chuck Shaw - "Dirty Woman Creek"

Take a listen to the world premiere of this great rockin' country tune from the rising singer/songwriter!

We're always excited to share new (or new to us) talents with you and rising Texas-based singer/songwriter Chuck Shaw is one such artist. Below is what he has to say about "Dirty Woman Creek."

This is my favorite song on the album. It’s also the oldest. I wrote it when I was 19. My sophomore year of college I took a songwriting class and our homework one night was to write a song that told a story. I went out hiking in the small town of Monument, Colorado (just north of Colorado Springs) and on the way home we drove by a park with a sign that said, “Dirty Woman Creek”. I thought that would be a great name for a bar and I would write a song telling a story about this place. The song is entirely fictional. I had been watching Forrest Gump a week or two before so the image of the naked girl with the pink guitar was still fresh in my mind. I had been messing around with a bluesy guitar riff for a while and figured it would be perfect for the song. I thought it was stupid and cheesy when I first wrote it. I played for my class the next day and they absolutely loved it! Then I played it at shows and parties around campus and people would come up to me and say they loved the song. I’ve been writing songs since I was 13, but my earlier stuff never got the kind of reaction this one did. Dirty Woman Creek gave me the confidence to pursue songwriting as a job. It changed my life. I kind of consider it my first-born child.