World Premiere Music Video: Moriah Domby - "Could've Tried"

We’re proud to once again share with you a world premiere music video for a talented singer who has played many unique stages and rooms nationwide.

A perfect blend of the City and Country, Moriah Domby comes to her country music sound naturally. The talented singer/songwriter is from Bethany, Oregon and after moving to Nashville to pursue music, she ended up working in the music publishing world before she decided to write and perform full time. “Could’ve Tried” is Moriah’s new single from her EP. The single, which was written by Moriah with Jordan Hobson, now has this music video and the film clip was directed by Alejandro Medina III and the track was produced by Frank Leeay.

In the song, Domby discusses a big missed opportunity and the fact that a relationship could've blossomed out of something but laments that she (or, really, they) didn't really even work at seeing if anything would come from it.