Exclusive Song Premiere: Grand Old Grizzly - "Took A Little Trip"

Once again, we've got a cool new song for y'all to hear. Check out the world premiere of Grand Ole Grizzly's "Took A Little Trip" here!

What do you get when you mix country rock rhythms with some of the tightest lyrics this side of Robert Hunter? Well, you get Grand Old Grizzly, a band which blends beautiful melodies with those storyteller lyrics and it makes for an interesting listening experience. Hailing from Houston, Texas, Grand Old Grizzly's new album Pure Country Pyrite is set to break the band nationally thanks to songs like "Took A Little Trip." It's a lean, tight three minutes of melodic ear candy and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

The band formed in 2012 and this is their third release and it was recorded at Edgewater studios with producer Derek Hames and engineer John Shelton. The band consists of Vocalist/lyricist Will Thomas, guitarist Paul Beebe, bassist Mark Riddell and drummer Chad Lewis.

You can pre-order/listen to the album here on iTunes.