World Premiere: Dennis K. Duff - “Hey Mr. TVA”

Check out the world premiere music video for this honest portrayal of a song which feels like one of the anchors of the forthcoming album “Songs From Lyon County.”

It’s not often that artists are honest enough about where they were raised and the culture — good and bad — of the folks and goings on in those areas. Dennis K. Duff not only does that but he gets especially honest with “Hey Mr. TVA,” the video release from Songs From Lyon County, which we are proudly debuting here. Duff created a concept album with Songs From Lyon County and scored a handful of guests like Alan Bartram, Josh Shilling, Darin & Brooke Aldridge, Bradley Walker, Andy Leftwich, Cody Kilby and Holly Pitney, among others. Bartram sings background vocals on this song, “Hey Mr. TVA.”

All of the photos are of the actual area. Kentucky Lake,  Lake Barkley being flooded, Kentucky Dam and the Land Between the Lakes either before, during or after the people were forced to move. The video footage of the man talking about what he did to the people of Land Between the Lakes and many of the pictures were actually taken with my phone from displays at Rose Hill Museum Rose Hill Museum in Eddyville, Kentucky and used with their permission. A few of the photos are what is called Creative Commons from various historical photos. The beginning photo and ending one are snapshots of old post cards and the rest are family photos. The two little girls with dolls are my aunts Ruby and Ruth. Several of the pictures include family members. - Dennis