World Premiere: Nick Brennan - "Simply Irresistible"

Check out the world premiere for Nick Brennan's take on the iconic 1980s tune.

There are two schools of thoughts when it comes to remaking or 'covering' a song. Either you do something unique and different from the original or you simply re-work the original into your own voice, keeping the pacing, charms and other factors the same. I love a great cover, whether it's from either camp and Nick Brennan's take on this Robert Palmer 80s classic is more of the latter camp, but by the very nature of his baritone voice, Nick has turned the song into a modern country tune, complete with this inspired music video, and a fun one at that. We hope you enjoy this world premiere!

From Nick Brennan:
This Robert Palmer smash hit from the eighties was one of my mom's favorite songs and videos, and we thought it would be so much fun to take this song to the Country, with the same energy of the original but with a strong Country twist. And when we found out that no one had done this song for thirty years, it seemed like the right time. My songs both before and after “Simply Irresistible” are all originals, but when this idea to remake it came up, well, it was simply irresistible!