World Video Premiere: Josh Brannon Band - "Neon Lights"

Check out the world premiere of the fast-rising country band's brand new single here!

With “Neon Lights,” the Josh Brannon Band is ready. They’re ready to break out in a big way and the song, which was written by the band’s fiddle player Worth King (what a great name) and the band’s sound is something that should appeal to the fans who love the 90s country music sound and the modern Texas/Red Dirt scene. Their music is a blend of those sounds and and working with producer/songwriter Billy Lawson only cements their cohesive, coherent sound as a band (which also features bassist Andrew Beck, guitarist Tanner Beck and drummer James Poindexter in addition to lead singer/guitarist Josh Brannon and fiddler Worth King).

About the "Neon Lights" single:

Josh Brannon: "'Neon Lights' is a song for the real, true country music fans out there. I’m extremely proud of this this cut, and the whole album."

Worth King penned the song and says: “Neon Lights is blue-collar, cheating music. I like the imaginative aspect of songwriting, so I guess that’s where the song came from. It’s just a story song about people doing things they shouldn’t, and that’s a sentiment people relate to, probably a little too easily. It’s exciting any time I write a song that’s a good fit for our band. Every musician has his favorites and, for me, “Neon Lights” is a favorite. It’s a great fit for Josh.”