World Premiere Video: Ricky Cook - "Thanks a Lot, Loretta"

Check out the world-premiere of country traditionalist Ricky Cook's debut single "Thanks a Lot, Loretta."

Country traditionalist Ricky Cook was born and raised in tiny Oakdale, TN. Influenced by Conway Twitty, Dolly Parton, and its namesake, Loretta Lynn, his "Thanks a Lot, Loretta" is rooted in traditional country but soars into the mainstream airspace. While successfully training American Saddlebred horses, Cook's passion for honest, straightforward country music was fueled by striking a friendship with musician-producer J.P. Pennington, of the country band Exile. Recorded in Nashville, TN, "Thanks A Lot, Loretta" marks Cook’s recording debut.


  • Jeannie mcnear

    That was grate I loved it

  • Debbbie

    Good things happen to those who don't give up. Of course talent is important as well. Congratulations hoping for much success for you.

  • Catherine Carter

    Awesome video that goes great with the song. Ricky has talent with his voice and may need to put him in the movies in Hollywood as well. I can't wait for his next video now. Keep going Ricky Cook, your ladder is big and your climbing it fast. Love ya and can't wait till I see your name on the top of the charts.

  • Alice J. Nunley

    Really nice job! It was just as I imagined it would be when I first heard the song! Congratulations on a fun music video! Can't wait to see it on TV!