World Premiere - Sideline - “Song For A Winter’s Night”

Take an exclusive listen to Bluegrass band Sideline’s take on the classic Gordon Lightfoot song here!

Founded by Steve Dilling, Skip Cherryholmes and Jason Moore, Sideline is one of the pioneering bands in Bluegrass. Their style has lead the way the past two decades and the three were joined by Bailey Coe, Nathan Aldridge and Troy Boone. The band blends their own new original tunes with hard-hitting, neo-traditional covers of classic songs (like “Song For A Winter’s Night”) and show off their superb musicianship and powerful, affecting harmonies through everything they do.

“I have been a fan of Gordon Lightfoot since I was 11," says Skip Cherryholmes. "This song was my introduction to his amazing library of works. I was putting together song ideas for a Tony Rice tribute, and I ran across his version. Rehearsing it over and over again gave me a very intimate connection with it. When we took it to the stage it was very well received, and the guys in the band thought it would be a good selection for this album. They knocked it out of the park with the arrangement, and I am so excited for everyone to hear it.”

“Song For A Winter’s Night” is the lead single off their next album Front And Center, due to be released later this year for Mountain Home Record Company.