Ira Wolf - "Ruby"

Check out this delightful new Americana track from rising singer/songwriter Ira Wolf!

Once again we've got something new for ya'll with this new video and single from Ira Wolf. A supreme songwriter, Ira Wolf had this to say about her new track "Ruby," from her new album, The Closest Thing To Home:

In 2016 I spent five months straight living in a 1988 VW Vanagon, as I traveled across the U.S. That van, 'Ruby', and The GoWesty tour inspired nearly every song on the new record. Being on the road as often as I am means having very little routine or familiarity in my life. Having a space that was my own, a space that I could sleep in, cook in, and write in was one of the greatest comforts. Ruby truly became 'The Closest Thing To Home'.

The Closest Thing To Home (the album) will be available everywhere on September 8, 2017.