Exclusive Track Premiere: Joey Feek - "Old Paint"

We're honored to share a track from Joey Feek's only solo album - Before it hits stores this Friday.

Roughstock has been a great fan of Joey Feek since seeing her and her songwriter husband Rory Feek on the CMT show Can You Duet. As Roughstock's Editor, I got to know the duo after the show when they were promoting their first album The Life Of A Song. We met at Marcy Jo's Mealhouse for an interview/meal and then, after Rory had to leave to go to his then office in Nashville for a writer's appointment, Joey invited me to the farm to continue our conversation on their wonderful front porch. I met the entire family that day, including her beloved Rufus dog and geese and it was immediately evident from the invite to the docile sweet animals, that this woman was a special spirit. As the years progressed, we kept in contact and while the last few years found everyone getting busier and then Joey's cancer, I consider both Joey and Rory two of the most-special people I've ever met in country music. So when i was presented with the opportunity to showcase a track off of Joey's "long lost" solo album, I jumped at the chance to share this track "Old Paint" with you before the album If Not for You hits stores everywhere  this Friday.

Below see what Rory has to say about "Old Paint":

It’s the last song on the album. The very last one that Joey recorded on a record without me. But it’s also the first one that she recorded with our 17-year-old daughter, Heidi, singing harmony. Something that foreshadowed what the future would hold. As time went on, Joey and I would record many albums together as a duo, and Heidi’s is the voice that can be found singing harmony on just about every song on every album we made. And she would be the one person that we would choose to travel with us and sing harmony on stage in shows all across the country and the world. We had no idea of that at the time that we recorded “Old Paint.” It was just Joey wanting to share a bit of her moment in the spotlight with one her newly teenage daughters.

The other harmony part on this song was sang by Joey’s close friend Sandy Lawrence ... another bit of ironic foreshadowing of things to come. Sandy, whom Joey used to work at a horse-vet clinic with, would write not only the title track of this album, but also in years to come the song “When I’m Gone”— a song and video that ultimately foreshadowed a part of our future that neither us could’ve imagined in a million years. Neither Joey nor I believe in coincidence. For us, it’s always God. God winking and letting us know that His hand is in all of it, whether we see it not. That He is moving the puzzle pieces around and has a much bigger picture in mind than the one we can see in front of us at the time.