Denny Strickland - "We Don't Sleep"

Denny Strickland is an up and coming artist who has constantly impressed me with each single he's released. "Get A Grip," his last single, followed "Swerve On" and "How Far You Wanna Go?" as Music Row Country BreakOut Chart hits and it's highly likely that "We Don't Sleep" will follow suit. In fact, the single feels like an even better single and should easily out-pace those singles to rise up higher on that and other charts than any of his previous singles have done.

Written by Jaida Dreyer, Cole Taylor, Tommy Cecil and Jody Stevens and produced by Strickland and Sean Giovanni, the track builds up behind the lyrics to tell the story of couple who have a relationship that is passionate and burning through the night, even when with other people. It's a strong modern country song with a strong melody and story and a song that suggests that Denny Strickland could be a huge star in the making.