World Premiere: Levi Petree - "Fight On"

Check out our exclusive world premiere of Levi Petree's single from his just-released new album "It's Country!"

We're always looking for some new stuff to share and when presented with the opportunity to share new music, we love to do that. Levi Petree is a talented artist who makes music that's hard to quantify but often has a rootsy heartbeat. "Fight On" is one of those songs from brand new album It's Country which speaks to us and we think it'll speak to you too. Below is a quick Q&A about the song and the video! If you like the song, we encourage you to check out Levi Petree at his website and all the music outlets where you can buy It's Country. (clicking cover art below takes you to iTunes)

1. Tell me about the song itself. What inspired you to write it?

To me, the most impressive thing about the human race is how we resilient we are. For all the things we get thrown at us, things that everyone will most likely experience in life, we find a reason to charge ahead. I wanted this to be something people could turn to if they needed a reminder.

I was fiddling with a chord progression one night and just started humming a melody that would become the verse. The first couple lines I came up with were about my cousin, who was a Marine and a new father. The song eventually morphed into being sectional - a personal verse, a verse about what was going on in the lives of people I knew, and a last verse about what I wanted for our future and their future. Took a while for me to find the right story, but once I had the chorus I felt it all started to click.

2. Where did you get the idea for the video? What were you hoping it would convey?

This particular video is a result of working with what you have. In this case, we had a great location. I was spending a couple months with my family down in south Louisiana and I wanted to take advantage of the very beautiful and natural scenery it has to offer. So, I had the area and chose a song to fit that. It's such a different way of life down there and we wanted something that would capture that.

3. Who directed the clip?

A good friend of mine named Courtenay Johnson directed the video. We'd met a few years before and I've loved the videos she'd directed for a couple other artists. She's also a great writer, which I think is another reason why it's easy to trust her. In addition to trying to find good visuals, she really gets the story-telling aspect of it. She wants you to feel something, rather than just have it look cool.

4. Where did you shoot it?

We shot all around South Louisiana, in the Acadiana area, which is where all the swamps and bayous of Cajun lore are. We shot outside a small town called Welsh, which is where my dad lives, as well as parts of Lafayette, which is the city I grew up in.