World Premiere: Leslie Tom: “Breaking My Own Heart”

Check out the brand new premiere track from the talented singer/songwriter from Denver, Colorado.

With studio wizards like pianist Hargus “Pig” Robbins, guitarist Chris Leuzinger and steel guitarist Lloyd Green playing on her self-titled EP due in February 17, 2017, Leslie Tom has set herself up nicely in the country music world and we’re excited to share “Breaking My Own Heart” with y’all.
Inspired by artists like Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn, Leslie Tom has a sound that suits right in with their classic country music sounds. Below is a quick Q&A with Leslie about the song!

Please talk about the inspiration for this song -- what prompted you to write it?
My very dear friend, and co-writer on four of the seven songs on the new EP, wrote this with me.  We started writing the song in her home office in Uvalde, TX, originally.  The chorus was written in about five minutes.  We were stumped on the verses but after a long few days in a Nashville hotel room trying to finish up writing for the record, the verses poured out of us on this song in a flash.

The song was inspired by past relationships we both had where we kept going back to the same guy knowing the same thing would happen to us over again.  We lived the definition of insanity and knew we were truly "breakin' our own hearts" every time we went back for more.  It was nuts but one of those type of relationships that are so passionate you kept hoping the next time would be different. (For what's it's worth, it never was.)

What was it like working on this song in the studio? 
What was so awesome about singing this song in the studio is Linda, my co-writer, was there with me.  On my past two records, I've done all the recording by myself so it was an honor having her in there with me, yet a bit intimidating at the same time.  I wanted to make sure she was pleased with the delivery, which she was.

Got any great stories about working on recording this song -- funny, crazy, etc.? 

This was my favorite overall studio experience.  I had to get out of my own head in order to get through the day.  The players on this record are the crème de la crème of country music studio musicians, so every time we began working on a new song, I had to hold my breath in hopes they would like what they were playing (since I co-wrote all but one song on the record).  Again, with Linda in the room with us, it made the intimidation factor multiplied by a thousand.  I wanted everyone there to be proud of the work we were doing.  It's very important to me as an artist and a songwriter.

I'm sure you had an idea in your head of what this song would sound like.
How does the end result measure up to that idea in your mind?  The end result was perfection.  This song is a good, 'ol fashioned country song.  Plain and simple.

How do you think this song represents you as an artist, sonically speaking? 
This song is probably the best representation of me as an artist on the record.  It truly gets back to the traditional roots of country music, which makes me proud.  My hope is one day I'll get to sing it on the Grand Ole Opry!

Click the EP album cover below to visit Leslie's site to learn more about her music!