Justin Moore - "Somebody Else Will"

Following the #1 success of “You Look Like I Need A Drink,” Justin Moore is expanding his sound on his brand new single.

The second single from #1 album Kinda Don’t Care, “Somebody Else Will” finds Justin Moore expanding his sound with the Kelly Archer, Adam Hambrick and Teby Ottoh-written tune. There’s a modern production in the mix but Justin is able to keep it “Justin Moore” by virtue of his voice alone.

“I stretched my legs and was pushed to get out of my comfort zone,” said Justin to Taste of Country when Kinda Don’t Care was released. His producer Jermey Stover reminded him that no matter what he sang, that deep Arkansas twang would keep him country, “Man’ dos you realize that if you sing it, it sounds like you and it sounds like country? You can’t sound any other way.”

Take a listen to the new single here and let us know what you think of the new track!

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