James Dupré - “Stoned To Death”

With a stunning melody, strong vocals and lyrics which are as strong as any hit in the past 5 years (if not better), "Stoned To Death" is waiting to be discovered.

It’s not often that a song hits me the way James Dupré's “Stoned To Death” hit me. This is a stone cold classic waiting to happen. The production and mix are subdued so that Dupré's superb voice can be up front and in the mix while subtle strings and percussive elements build to a crescendo at the end of the three minute song.

Lyrically, “Stoned To Death” takes a phrase and twists into the reality that Dupré’s character sits in a dive bar (“my neon holding cell”), a place where he is reflecting on the end of a relationship, a relationship he didn’t want to end. That, my friends, is a country music lyric.

Folks talk all the time about wanting to advance country music (or keep it’s core values) and “Stoned To Death” does just that. This is the kind of song we should be hearing all over the radio stations, streaming websites and anywhere else you can find it but chances are you’ll have to seek it out as the once-major label artist (who got his start on YouTube) is now an independent artist.