Maddie & Tae - "Shut Up And Fish"

We take a look and listen to the hot third single from Maddie & Tae's "Start Here," one of our 15 favorite albums of the year!

Maddie & Tae are, without a doubt, one of the most-exciting duos to appear on country music's scene in a while. They feel like a reinvention of the Judds with their love for country melodies and honest songs that are pulled from life. "Shut Up And Fish," which follows their pair of chart-topping hits, the Top 10 "Fly" and #1 Platinum single "Girl In A Country Song."

"Fly" proved there was sensitivity to the duo's sharp songwriting and "Shut Up And Fish" kind of blends their wit of "Country Song" with their strong gift for lyrics that "Fly" showcased. There's a lot of fiddle, there's a lot of steel guitar and this song actually sounds like a country song, something traditionalists might want to get behind if they think there's too much country/pop songs out there.

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