World Premiere: Angels Cut - "One More Day"

Check out the world premiere of the band’s new music video.

The hard-charging Angels Cut releases video for “One More Day.” They’re currently out on the road opening shows for outlaw group Moonshine Bandits all over the country.

Angels Cut attack the stage with an intensity that is unrivaled as they unleash thunderous guitar riffs, mixed with a rhythm section that can stop on a time, and leading the charge is their charismatic female frontwoman Stephanie Johnson. When Johnson hits the stage she brings a feminine strength and sex-appeal that's been missing from rock n' roll. The back bone of Angels Cut consists of vocalist Stephanie Johnson, guitarists Mike Molina and Utah Blue, bassist Aaron McLaughlin, and drummer Joe Barney. Angels Cut has been turning heads across the country on tour as direct support to Rehab, the chart-topping group behind the 2008 hit, "The Bartender Song (Sittin' At A Bar)".