Aaron Watson - "Getaway Truck"

Take a listen to the brand new single while viewing the world premiere of the lyric video for the follow-up to the hit "That Look."

Aaron Watson is one of country music's most talented artists still unknown to the much of the world but this song -- which has been streamed hundreds of thousands of times since February 2015 -- can do a lot to change that in the mainstream as he has released his best album to date, The Underdog, and has upset the mainstream apple cart with his #1 country album without ever having a Top 10 single on the mainstream charts.

All of that stuff should change as the official follow-up to Top 50 charting single "That Look," "Getaway Truck" may be an even better single choice from the talented Texas-based singer/songwriter. There's a groove and essence to "Getaway Truck" that fits what mainstream radio is doing and what's great is that it still sounds like a song that belongs on any era of the country music radio dials from the 1980 to now.