James Wesley - "Hooked Up"

Listen to and watch the new music video for James Wesley's new single here.

Talented country vocalist James Wesley is back with his new fishing song "Hooked Up," a clever story song from the point of view of a Marlin and the people who work hard to catch the notoriously hard to catch ocean fish.

It's an interesting story song and there's nothing else like it in country music which gives the song an advantage.

About "Hooked Up:"

Co-written by Todd Morris and Harry Smith, the upbeat angler’s anthem tells the story of a blue marlin who is being pursued by fisherman at the Big Rock, a legendary fishing spot off the coast of Morehead City, NC. An avid sportsman himself, Wesley identified with the song and was eager to record it. Announced in April, Wesley formed a partnership with Calcutta to shoot the “Hooked Up” music video and promote the song to the sport fishing communities.