Scotty McCreery - "Southern Belle"

Singer of "See You Tonight" returns with a single sure to rip up the charts.

It took a few more weeks than expected but "Southern Belle" [read lyrics here] has officially been released by Scotty McCreery as his lead single from his forthcoming third studio album for 19/Interscope/Mercury Nashville.  Written by Jason Saenz and Sean McConnell and produced by Frank Rogers, "Southern Belle" is the kind of song that will appeal to a wide range of audiences as it blends traditional and contemporary together rather well. But, as with any of his songs, the real star of the song is McCreery's sturdy baritone voice, a voice that has won over millions one song at a time.

"Southern Belle" may not say anything really new lyrically, but it does wrap that story into an interesting blend of sounds and vocals which once-again showcase the A&R team at Mercury Nashville, Scotty and Frank Rogers ears for material that just suits the young man's voice.


  • cathy

    Once again Matt,,,thanks for the great review,,,,and thanks too for all the updates I know you will be giving us all.......Scotty is "THE BEST"

  • Tessa

    Absolutely LOVE Southern Belle. Amazing vocals and very cool vibe! Thanks for the nice remarks.

  • Elise Johnson

    I agree that this song was crafted for Scotty McCreery's voice like a custom taylored suit. It checks every box for me; a very cool, unique sound with a contagious melody and great instrumental interest and, last but not least, Scotty's incredible voice!! Perfect.

  • anne greco

    Thanks for the review. I love the song and Scotty's voice.