Mo Pitney - "I Met Merle Haggard Today"

The song was written by Mo after, well, meeting the legend and icon in Nashville.

There are few new artists in country music who are as well-versed in the genre's history than the rising traditional-leaning singer/songwriter Mo Pitney. The singer of "Country" talks about how he met one of the biggest icons in all of country music with this fun song "I Met Merle Haggard Today."

"I Met Merle Haggard Today" literally showcases the feelings that Mo Pitney had the day that he was lucky enough to get to meet the iconic country music legend behind hits like "Mama Tried."

For his part, Mo Pitney, Curb Record's newest star, has been able to showcase why fans and critics alike have gravitated to his pure country sound. Mo released "Clean Up On Aisle Five" earlier this year to digital download and streaming sites to rave reviews.