Kristian Bush - "Light Me Up"

Take a listen to the dynamic sophomore single from the talented member of Sugarland.

For the followup to his Top 15 debut solo single "Trailer Hitch," Kristian Bush lays down the gauntlet with this well-crafted love song he co-wrote with Jesse Rice ("Cruise"). The song holds up against anything on country music radio and it may be an even more digestible than the groove-filled "Trailer Hitch" was. The lyrics compare all the ways the woman in his life lights up his life and how how those things make him feel great.

It's another catchy single and it's clear to see that Kristian Bush is one of mainstream country music's best songwriters with an ability to write catchy, relatable lyrics and then produce them with melodies that are equally strong and striking from a contemporary country radio point of view. The production simply shines.